Advertising Testimonials

I recently decided to take advantage of my Smart Savings Card and couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. I paid $15 for this discount-rich card. My goal this day was to get my two cars’ oil changed and I noticed the Smart Savings Card had a “buy one, get one free” coupon from the area Firestone Complete Auto Care store. I had my first car serviced and, then, returned with my second, for the free service. Firestone gladly accepted my discount coupon and promptly serviced my second car…..FREE! I saved nearly $40, WOW! I’m hooked! What a great savings tool!

Smart Card User from Murfreesboro, TN

I am the owner/operator for Zaxby’s in Springfield and Columbia. I have advertised on the Smart Card for a number years now, and it has been a very successful means of advertising. We redeem Smart Cards daily, and the redemption we see is impressive! I would definitely recommend advertising on the Smart Card to anyone.

Travis Womble - Zaxby's

When we first decided to advertise with the Smart Savings Card, I thought it would produce some sales, but after only two months out in the community, ithad generated an excellent increase in store revenue and profits. Our marketing department was amazed at the fantastic rate of redemption.

OfficeMax DM

Over the years, the Smart Card has proven to be a wonderful supplement to these other basic, traditional forms of advertising. 1,610 customers used the Smart Card. My average sale is normally just under $20, so this coupon raised their minimum purchase to $25.

Party City

One of the greatest advertising decisions we have made. The Smart Card has brought us an average of 10 new customers per month. At least 1/3 of these opened a house account. 

Sandy's Florist

Your program has given Supercuts the best response rate out of all of our advertising options. The Smart Card has not only drastically increased the amount of new customers that we get but has also helped improve our number of repeat customers.

Supercuts Area Supervisor

We have gotten 3 regular (weekly or bi-weekly) customers from this, and have done 12 specials, and it keeps our name out there all year long and that’s great for us.

Merry Maids

The Smart Card was responsible for over 1 million dollars in sales for us.

Shoe Carnival