Three ways to win with a Moonpie Fundraiser


 In-Hand 36 ct. Carrier Box


  • 36 ct. carrier, loaded with FUN
  • Bakery-Fresh & made to order!
  • Contains 4 sleeves (2 Chocolate, 1 Vanilla, and 1 Banana)
  • $40 for the carrier, delivering up to 50% profit
  • $10 per inner carton, or you set your own price per 2.75 oz. Double-Decker MoonPie , customizing your profits!
  • Available in 80 ctn. and 48 ctn. carrier pallets.
  • Shipping only $95 per order!
  • Each pallet ships with collection envelopes
  • 3 week lead-time from order to delivery
    • Each 80 ctn. carrier pallet order comes with 216 FREE MoonPies.
    • Each 48 ctn. carrier pallet order comes with 81 FREE MoonPies.

Pre-Order (Brochure Sale)


  • Bakery-Fresh and made to order!
  • 36 case minimum order (1 pallet) = 324 9 ct. cartons
  • Chocolate, Vanilla and Banana cases available
  • You pick your mix – ordering in full case increments
  • $10 per carton delivering 50% profit, orYou set your own price per 2.75 oz. Double-Decker MoonPie, customizing your profits!See examples below:
  • Sell for $1.00 make 40% profit ($36/case)
  • Sell for $1.25 make 62% profit ($56.25/case)
  • Sell for $1.50 make 85% profit ($76.50/case)
  • Shipping only $95 per order!
  • Each pallet ships with a supply of delivery bags
  • Each 60 case pallet order receives 81 FREE MoonPies
  • 3 week lead-time from order to delivery



By-The-Bag Program


This $10/carton program is perfect for groups interested in choosing their own mix of flavors.  Each heavy-duty reusable MoonPie bag holds 8 cartons stacked upright. 

The school/group orders MoonPies by the case (9 cartons/case) for this program and packs cartons in their bags before distributing them to students.



MoonPie Pre-Order Form

This is a great way to know exactly what your supporters want because they will pick their favorite flavors.  

The Pre-Order form is two sided.  The Front side shows the program and the back side of the form is your order sheet.  A GREAT ALL IN ONE form.

You can access the Pre-Order Form here:

For general questions, or if you are an individual, group, or organization wanting to get started with a fundraiser simply fill out the requested information and click SUBMIT.  One of our fundraising support team members will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

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