Unlimited “NEW” Referral

Smart Card Programs


This program will generate additional income!

The great thing is… you get to choose whom the additional income will help.


Who will it be?  

For you individually, or your family for referring and helping support your favorite causes?

For your favorite schools, groups, or organizations supporting funding needs?


How program works!

  • Refer ANY *NEW schools, groups, or organizations to conduct a Smart Card Fundraiser.  Receive $1 for every Smart Card sold during each referred fundraiser.

  • The good news… the $1 referral income, per card sold, will not impacting your referrals fundraising totals!

  • Tax Form 1099-MISC will be required for individuals or businesses receiving $600 or more of income in a tax year from referred fundraisers.

Besides that…we take care of the rest!!!


REMEMBER…Unlimited Referral Opportunities = Unlimited Income Potential


 *”New” refers to any schools, groups, or organizations that has not completed a Smart Card Program fundraiser within the last 18 months.

It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone!!


You can access the Unlimited “NEW” Referral Smart Card Reservation Form here:

For general questions, or if you are an individual, group, or organization wanting to get started with a fundraiser simply fill out the requested information and click SUBMIT.  One of our fundraising support team members will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

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