Imagine the possibilities

Our Team has everything you need to organize a successful fundraiser!

Want a great way to launch your fundraising season?

A Smart Savings Card fundraiser is your answer to start the year off with Money in the BANK!

Recognizing A Need

First, what is your goal? When looking at funding/fundraising you need to establish what you are raising funds for. Replacing playground equipment? Going on a trip? Need to replace uniforms? The needs are endless!

Planning Stage

Now that you know the NEED…It’s time for some important decisions. What fundraising partner will I work with? What item(s) will we promote to get the best response? When do we want to conduct the funding/fundraising campaign?

Win-Win Executing

Delivering extraordinary results from ordinary people.

Our Clients

We’re a dedicated team who create, design and promote brands, products and services with our clients. Our clients range from:

  • Corporate foundations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Schools
  • Groups of all sizes
  • Individuals seeking a funding source

Basically, anyone seeking an additional “NEED-BASED” revenue stream!

We have worked with Ben Edwards and his team at Innovative Funding for the last several years with our Smart Card fundraiser. We have found our Smart Card event to be our most profitable and easiest to conduct. Ben and his team are wonderful to work with and respond immediately to any needs that arise during our sale.- Algood Elementary School PTO

Algood, TN

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