About Innovative Funding Inc.

Established in 1993, Innovative Funding, Inc. has been providing funding/fundraising solutions, which over the years helped build stronger than ever funding relationships with our partner organizations. Listening and working with schools, churches, small groups and even large corporations for more than two decades propelled Innovative Funding’s continued growth in the Nashville, TN and surrounding area. 

Our growth has also come with a responsibility — to deliver a QUALITY product that you can count on. That is why when you consider “why Innovative Funding?”, you will be assured that we walk the talk in … 

  • Providing the highest quality customer-focused fundraising solutions and programs 
  • Providing knowledge necessary for our our partner-organizations to achieve their goals
  • Minimizing the effort required to realize high profits

Plus, we continue to review and adopt EXCITING and UNIQUE fundraising ideas and options, which we’ve also been able to expand in numerous ways so that our customers obtain the maximum results. Our determination to continue sharing our fundraising knowledge and expertise are what makes our customers feel confident that they have a trusted partners to count on with every fundraiser they launch.

Fundraising favorites, like the homegrown Tennessee “MoonPie” was founded in 1917.  The MoonPie has been tested over time to become a tradition to many.  The Smart Savings Card Program has become one of those fundraisers that has developed a loyal following.  It allows local merchants to be involved with supporting local schools by offering discount savings on products and services that everyone uses everyday.  If MoonPies or Smart Cards don’t catch your eye you have a few more choices that will deliver great results, like Signature Chocolates, Gummy Bears, and Popcorn. 

If you’re interested,  let us develop your very own Smart Custom Card Program.  For more information on our Smart Custom Card Program click on our Contact Us link and send us your information so we can follow up.

Our company focus is to help deliver the best possible fundraising result!  So, we are doing just that!  We’ve added a really unique way to expand YOUR fundraiser results through our Unlimited “Referral” Smart Card Program.  This unique referral program will deliver an additional 5% donation to your fundraiser from the results from ANY referred Smart Savings Card program.  We know that many people know other people needing a fundraiser so let’s work together and really promote the Unlimited “Referral” Smart Card Fundraiser.  It’s a WIN WIN for all!

Finally, organizations within a school or non-profit organizations, recommend our programs to others, thereby creating innumerable benefits for the institutions we serve. We also make sure that we ease our partners’ worries that they might compete with one another through designing multiple programs that will not flood the community with every other institutions’ or schools’ fundraiser.

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