About Innovative Funding Inc.

Established in 1993 as Innovative Funding, Inc., better known as “The Smart Savings Card” which has provided fundraising solutions to schools, churches, non-profit organizations, small groups and even large corporations for more than three decades. That longevity and success has propelled The Smart Savings Card continued growth in the Middle Tn and surrounding area. 

Our growth has also come with a responsibility — to deliver a QUALITY product that you can count on year after year. That is why when you consider “why chose The Smart Savings Card for fundraising?”, you will be assured that we provide:

  • The highest quality customer-focused fundraising program.
  • The knowledge and experience necessary for our partner-organizations to achieve their goals.
  • Minimizing the effort required to earn higher profits.

Plus, we continue to review and adopt EXCITING and UNIQUE incentive ideas so that our customers achieve maximum results. Our determination to continue sharing our fundraising knowledge and expertise are what makes our customers feel confident that they have a trusted partner to count on with every Smart Card sale they launch.

The Smart Savings Card Program has developed a very loyal following, It allows local merchants to be involved with supporting local schools/organizations by offering discount savings on products and services that everyone enjoys daily.