How to Advertise

Interested in advertising your business on our local area Smart Cards? Advertising on the Smart Card is a great way to send a message to local parents and families that you care. With your support, we build a product that helps parents save but more importantly help you build a product that helps schools raise much-needed funds for trips, projects, equipment, etc. that they need to help build a better school environment for our children.

Please see the Contact portion of our website, and contact the appropriate Sales Representative for your area.



Why Advertise on Smart Card?

  • A great way to show support of your local schools and your community.
  • Reach thousands of potential customers
  • Great Circulation, reaching many friends and families
  • A proven way to change buying behaviors
  • Will receive a large number of daily impressions created by the use of the Smart Card.
  • You are creating a “special invitation” to the public with your offer being a call to action.
  • Builds great customer loyalty
  • Way to reach your targeted demographic
  • Create a “mini-billboard” that a customer will have for the entire year….Powerful!
  • Incredible Public Relations!!

A WIN WIN WIN for consumers, businesses, and the community!!!