How to Advertise

Would you like to advertise your business and help support local schools at the same time? If your answer is yes, the Smart Saving Cards are the best value to advertise your business!

Our local schools need your support, so contact us today to learn more about our cost affective marketing program.

Click here to contact a Sales Representative in your area, or to leave your information so that we can contact you.

Why Advertise on Smart Card?

  • A great way to show support of your local schools and your community.
  • Reach thousands of potential customers
  • Great Circulation, reaching many friends and families
  • A proven way to change buying behaviors
  • Will receive a large number of daily impressions created by the use of the Smart Card.
  • You are creating a “special invitation” to the public with your offer being a call to action.
  • Builds great customer loyalty
  • Way to reach your targeted demographic
  • Create a “mini-billboard” that a customer will have for the entire year….Powerful!
  • Incredible Public Relations!!

A WIN WIN WIN for consumers, businesses, and the community!!!