Frequently Asked Questions

Can my group sell cards from different counties?

YES! Your school will have the opportunity to sell cards from all over middle Tennessee (where available). For example, groups from Cookeville, or Clarksville can sell cards for Tullahoma, Murfreesboro or Dickson! This will increase your sales potential.

What if we order too many cards and don't sell all of them?

With the Smart Savings Card program we provide you with a certain amount of cards that we think you can sell. We include cards from surrounding counties so your students can sell to families and friends outside your local county. If you run low on supplies, we will send more cards to you. You also have a full return policy if you do not sell all of your cards.

What kind of profit can we expect to earn?

Depending on what county card you are selling, Smart Savings Cards can sell for $10, $15, and $20.00. You can earn up to $10.00 per card sold.  All regular Smart Savings Card fundraising programs deliver 50%!  Any fundraiser that sells 1,000 or more Smart Savings Cards during their fundraiser will receive a BONUS PROFIT of 10% on all cards sold.  


How much does it cost to get started?

ZERO! No start up cost! You pay at the end of the sale for what you actually sell and return all the unsold cards. We will even include a FREE motivational prize program.

What do we need to get started?

Call NOW (1-888-211-7827) and we will connect you with a representative in your area! We provide cards, flyers, envelopes, accounting materials, posters, prizes, AND SUPPORT! We make sure that you have everything you need to have a successful fundraiser.